The Seniorpreneur Project

Seniors (50 plus) are in a financial dilemma.  

Will they finally achieve social and political power?


Will they take on the persona of past generations defined as being unimportant, invisible, politically weak, socially discountable, and economically insignificant?

I wrote this book to sound the alarm and find a business model that could help seniors regain control of hard-earned financial resources and live the dream of an active, creative, and prosperous retirement life.

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About the Author
Joe Wasylyk is the founder of the Seniorpreneur Project.  It was established to find new ways to help seniors (50 plus) achieve higher levels of lifelong learning.  This will enable them to become more active, creative, and productive in their retirement years.

After being downsized from a contract purchasing management job with the Alberta Liquor Control Board in St. Albert, Alberta he decided to pursue an encore career at the young age of 45.

During the next 20 years he empowered himself in several startup businesses.  He was also a single parent on social assistance and living in subsidized housing.

Today, he is an advocate for senior issues to help them rise above any challenge and conquer it.
Joe Wasylyk